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We believe that quality, comprehensive vision care is in the best interests of our patients. The result is healthy, beautiful eyes for a lifetime and lower long-term vision costs for you and your family. In order to assist you with your investment in your vision health we have outlined our payment options.


Insurance plans generally cover routine eyeglass exams only. This exam includes a medical history, eternal exam(for example: evaluation of pupils, extraocular muscle balance and motility, screening visual fields), glaucoma check eyeglass refraction, biomicroscopy (for example:evaluation of cornea, lid conjunctiva, lens, iris) and ophthalmoscopy.


Your insurance may not cover photographs, corneal topography, or dilation. It may be necessary to perform one or more of these tests to complete your exam and/or to evaluate you most thoroughly. In this case, you will be responsible for payment of these services.


If you wear contact lenses or wish to try contact lenses, please be aware your insurance plan may not cover the contact lens portion of your exam, for example, the fees associated with the fitting and evaluation of your contact lenses . Therefore, you will be responsible for payment of these services not covered.





 CONTACT LENS INSTITUTE is affiliated with many insurance and cost wise provider networks.
The following is just a subset:



Blue Cross Blue Shield

Community Eye Care
United Healthcare (UHC)
Vision Service Plan (VSP)


 We also accept assignment on many other plans, both vision and medical, so if you do not see your insurance company listed, please call our office at (919) 847-6889 to discuss the details of your plan.


Our staff will be happy to assist you in filing your insurance claims in any way possible or by billing your insurance directly. Please be aware that any authorizations obtained by our office are not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.




Here are some Other Payment Options




New Patient - Emergency Appointment Payments In order for patients to establish credit in our office, we request payment in full at the time of service for emergency procedures.




For your convenience we accept cash, personal checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).





 So what is the difference between Vision Insurance and Medical Insurance?




This is one of the most confusing issues patients face in any optometrist's office. Vision insurance is designed to cover only updates in glasses and contact lens prescriptions and a health wellness screening. It does not cover any other issues with the eye, such as allergies, dryness or infections. It also does not cover any treatment for headaches, cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma. In addition, it does not cover any monitoring for patients on high risk medications, such as plaquinil, or diabetic check-ups. All of these other conditions and more are covered by your medical insurance. Unfortunately, due to the rules of your insurance company, we often have to bring patients back for a separate visit from their annual wellness exam to treat their medical concerns. Please let us know what your primary concern is for your visit so we can help you maximize your benefits and obtain the correct insurance information.